Lenzen Cirkel

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Who are our teachers?

Who inspires us?

Well, parents are the source of inspiration – the belief that EACH individual is a rich resource. It does not matter what do they read? Satyajit Ray or Galesiti Baruti? About evolution or astronomy? Whatever they read – they just share with the young population of Aarohi?
Lenzen Cirkel is about sharing the books parents read – here are some books recommended to our young adults of the community.

He started reading late. Introduced to “experiments with truth” to prepare for IAS exams. Then book by Jawahar lol Nehru, The Discovery of India, and then the rest of the books he read because he liked reading.

Here are the books I have read and would recommend to young friends :

M K Gandhi … my experiments with truth

M K Gandhi … Hind Swaraj

Jawaharlal Nehru … the discovery of India

Harper Lee … to kill a mocking bird

Richard Bach … Jonathan Livingston seagull

EF Schumacher … small is beautiful

Masanabu Fukokwa … one straw revolution

R k Narayan … Malgudi days

Howard Zinn … A people’s history of the United States

kuvempu … ಮಲೆಗಳಲ್ಲಿ ಮದುಮಗಳು

Kafka … metamorphosis

Stephen hawking … a brief history of time – How cosmos formed, how the solar system formed.

Hind Swaraj By Gandhi – Ever wondered what is freedom and what we want to do with the freedom?

They read

Alchemist – About following one’s dream

Mystic Musings – A/Q

IKIGAI – Finding the purpose of life

Stephen Hawkings – basics of life

Nancy Drew

Personality development

The monk who sold his Ferrari

Jonathan Livingston

Spirituality – Ramana Maharishi, Conversations

I am that – book

Advaita Philosophy?

Dwata means TWO in Sanskrit, Adwaita means ONE – everything is one energy. vedas and upanishad talks about Advita

Who am I?

Not teach anything – ask you to question about yourself-find the answer yourself

Quotes by Einstein, Michael, Stephin etc