Learning Tools


Its not about study harder but to study smarter.
Sometimes some simple tools can enhance the way one can understand a topic and grow. But any different way looks difficult. There is a inner battle to not leave what looks comfortable and adapt what is new or different or unknown.

Why do we need a different way than what we are used to?
What’s the problem in the way we take notes or study or learn or explore?
What is the need of different way of learning?

Well, mind mapping session had some resistance, some reluctance, some time pass, some excitement, some curiosity, some eagerness, some apprehensions, some doubts and some newness.

Watched a video on “how ear works” and made mind map as we watched.
Some reluctant to make a drawing for the key word, unable to connect with the brain functioning and fighting the inner battle of ” I can’t do”. Sometimes drawing looks difficult than writing. Sometimes the “good and bad” of drawing takes away the complete joy of doing.

We explored three basic ingredients of Visual learning:

  1. Think in form of keywords – using less for more,
  2. Draw (drawing which I can understand) and
  3. Make connections.

And this is how mind also works. It stores information in the form of keywords, visuals and makes connections of the various experiences.