Learning stories

Learning is happening from what I know to what more can I do. As achild I come with a understanding of many things, as I work I realiseI need more and I go scouting for that. For e.g If I want to write story I start my journey with what I knowthe once upon a time types and as I progress I realise that I needmore masaala, now where do I go for this masaala, I go to the booksavailable, I am finding out what is THE thing in that book, come backwith that and try, I am again moving now I want something more and asdiscussions happen a lot of permutations and combinations come and lobehold we have moved in becoming aware I have a problem, I need asolution and there is no one solution but I have many options, I am free to decide how much to do and I am moving in my journey.

The child begins with lot of curiosity and works on a topic in his own way. And then works in many other ways to explore, gaining bit by bit, trying new ways and ideas. Child sometimes begins with little idea about the topic, sometimes with absolutely no idea about the topic. The journey evolves through questions and inferences made by the child.

Skills in action!! Enter the class and it starts right there! The ideas, possibilities, outcome and learning, every child has his own journey. Painting, Origami, Clay, Jewellery, Knitting….and this is just the beginning. Each child chooses, explores, makes own understandings by way of ‘doing’.

This whole world is mine to explore…..from Taj to Pyramids….Diwali to Halloween, from clothes to food….we explore what excites us, makes us curious…….Child explores these topics, in his own way and gets to know the culture of the world. Child explores through books, websites, activities and adds to his own experiences.

Child begins with“WHAT IS IT”and then moves ahead exploring,understanding and questioning the topics.Though my journey(as a child) seems to be slow but still i am learning through my own ways,sometimes confused,sometimes lost and sometimes stuck.Like for example,i choose topic “Organising” and set my goal on organising a puppet show,later through discussions i realize that it comes under planning rather than organising.I go back to my topic and try to look and do it in different ways.Now, when i observe plant,clock,my library and my dhanpani,i can see it whether they are in organised way or not( according to me).

The child begins works on a topic of his/her own way. Looks for what he/she wants like books, websites, activities. sometimes when they don’t find, they ask for it. If some weblink/book of their topic is interesting for them, they look for it/demand for it. When the kids get stuck sometimes, they try to solve it on their own, sometimes they take peer/faculty help. Child sometimes begins with little idea about the topic, sometimes with absolutely no idea about the topic.

The Team of law makers sit in their respective teams. They discuss and debate issue connected to stationery, safety, outdoors, resources. They make law for the above mentioned areas. They take issues, call both the parties for hearing. And settle the issues.

Free Time kiKya baat ,AArohi mein iska majaa kuch aur hi hai. Many learning happen at free time. Children look forward to this time when sometimes they are independent, sometimes restricted movement, sometimes mix of both, sometime bold moments sometimes work in fear but everything chalta hai till they get their share ofuninterruptedtime ( read adults).

Learningstrategieshow to finish food, becoming aware of the need of hygiene and need of body. Interaction with peers. learning to negotiate, accept, bargain, respond to each other, taking responsibility and woof the list is looooooooooong

Meal time is the ‘fast forward’ module of the day. Children go through this time as fast as they can, finish the food to make their mothers and faculty happy and then go to the most preferred session of the day ‘ free time ‘. There is lot of food exchange by way of sharing,begging, pestering and also threatening. Add to this the spilling and stepping on the food which is followed by clean up. This the time where children make relationships, learn to share and care, become aware about hygiene, experience disputes and then dispute resolution. The learning is immense, happening through live experience…..

Real Life Experience and learn from the way the world works!Experience triggers learning, makesitmeaningful and helps in discovering and understanding the underlying concepts – so that the same can be applied elsewhere. Learning is driven primarily from real life experiences.So every week we visit different places,meetdifferent people, understand and learn from others. This also develops my ability to take care of myself outside the Geniekids premises, understand the world around me, working with constraints of the place we visit and interact with others.

Kaa Kaa here we go
On the buses
On the road
|Kaa Kaa … Kaa Kaa

We’ve packed our bags, said our byes
We’re off to be by ourselves
Kaa Kaa… Kaa Kaa

The bus has reached, we’ve settled our things
Now we go, explore, explore.
We stretch ourselves, we push the limits
See how far we can do by ourselves
Kaa Kaa …. Kaa Kaa

The night has come, our fears are real
We deal with our fear, with friends galore
We share stories, play many games
and finally fall into a deep deep sleep
Kaa Kaa …. Kaa Kaa

The bus has reached, our parents have come
to our houses we go, to share our stories
and then for some rest
Kaa Kaa …. Kaa Kaa

Children run to be part of live station.Whatever happens here is live:live demo, live interaction,live doing and live learning.Live station is like a door where people from different walks of life come and share their work,experiences and knowledge.Live station happens at any point time within child learning hours and learning happens with child’s interest.Like for example,when PAVANA aunty shared crafts some children took it forward by doing again and again while others just got an exposure.For a child, live station is an option.It is his choice to participate or not.With diverse people coming and sharing their diverse knowledge,child is learning through different ways.