Learning Stories

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Many stories on how children learn and each story is different. But each story reminds us that each child is unique and learn in their unique way.

How a child Learn?

Well,I started with looking for the tiniest flower I could find, and slowly my interest grew and it went into looking at flowers and trying to see which flower it is, how we can use it and if it is edible or not. But I never could identify them because I had no idea about plants and I use to look at books and try to see which plant it is but I did not know which country the book was from so it became a lot harder for me, but the tiny flowers were what inspired me to continue and not give-up, cause they are really colorful, interesting and look different, and so I thought I can click photos of them and try identifying them but that didn’t work, so I started observing how the flowers grow and see if I get a clue with that but that didn’t help too. The other struggle was to find out of it is edible or not cause if I think it is and eat it and if it’s not I wouldn’t know what would happen, and if it is the same plant that they are talking about, the next problem was to find the flower the next day/week, but even with all of this I don’t want to stop because I felt happy when I’m with the flowers and I felt it to be really interesting but confusing. Sometime later I was introduced to a book called botany in a day and I starting reading it and I couldn’t understand what they are trying to say and still I tried understanding and felt like this won’t help me but I didn’t stop reading and then I started reading it with someone and loud reading helped me better and so I was feeling the book to be interesting and when I read small parts everyday I use to understand better, later it became less consistent and I felt like reading but I got bored. Later after a month we started the journey edible wilds where we learn about plants around the campus which are edible and documenting it but my problem was I was not doing much in the start and the other person would do everything and slowly I got into it and I was really interested in knowing about them but sometimes I got confused and once I thought that the tree had flowers of different colours and ate one of the flowers and realised that we don’t know if this flower is edible or not, well after that I was careful and did not eat any doubtful thing, again later I found it hard to remember which plant it is, especially its name and how to use it. After a few more months I was going deeper into the topic so I started reading more about parts of plants, the different plant families, different kinds of flowers, monocots and Dicots, keys to identify and I am working on learning more about identification. Now I’m making a presentation on everything I read and learn about in this topic and I want to learn more about it.

How a child Progress?

As a group we started on the drum pad practicing whole note, half note, quarter note and eighth note for two days with metronome, which was slow and increasing the speed. At that time I was wishing to play on the drums and try the sixteenth note. Finally we got on to the drums it was harder than I expected. The coordination was important, starting with the just the snare drum and the bass drum to get the coordination going it was a bit tricky to coordinate the leg and the hand, slowly adding the hihat to get used to it. At that time my wish was to play fills. Understanding the notation was not that hard it was simple. It was time to play a small song it was a bit complicated for me to understand the eighth note high hat, bass and snare drum and then roopak uncle explained me how it is to be done that gave the clarity to finish the songs. At that I wanted to do more songs and also fills. Practicing for a long time playing the songs with notations and music trying to get it right, meanwhile we were trying to understand what was roopak uncle playing cracking it together. We got into small groups and started practicing the songs with snare drum fills and slowly trying to do the fills using high tom, low tom, ground tom and the crash. We all got introduced to sixteenth note playing fills with sixteenth note. I started creating my own beats.This term I was trying to play my own beats creating rhythm and playing my own fills which was tricky to match my own beats. Playing my beats on different songs with fills and adjusting to different speeds. The process of trying failing doing it again and again doing my thing was really fun.

How a child Struggle?

My journey in aviation is rocking up the hill [but it was the first week in the term ] the first week in the term was great but my speed was low because of the break week I had to travel a lot in the break week so I got lost but it was still good. My next week of the term was burning up it going like a Lamborghini. The third week as I had been to my home to make my ——— and that was not a good time I had my aviation dropping down the hill like a pitch in an aircraft that was bad turbulence and the fourth week I also stayed in the home and did a little bit of aviation I tried to pull the throttle up to gain speed but it was hard to gain speed or I was not able to pull the lever and then I had been to surfing and I did the aviation a bit but it was not high as it was and the fifth week was the week of very low flight I felt for the first time that this topic is not interesting in aviation and now it is time to raise my motivation to the sky.

How a child Explore?

It all started with a simple video on quantum mechanics, where I realised there is so much more than what our senses can feel. I was fascinated that through 2 bars, if you’d send tiny atoms, they wouldn’t come out as 2 bars on the other side, but would become 7 bars. One such example is light. After watching a small video on quantum mechanics, I moved on to quantum physics which was the best. What if we could be in 7 places at the same time? Wouldn’t it be cool! You could see any basketball match! After slowly going through all these quantum topics, I got interested in the detailed/trivial science of the body. I started off with the gut, which is literally your second brain! After looking very briefly at the gut, I saw a Ted talk related to bacteriophage ( which is an amazing virus! ) which is a virus that kills all the bad bacteria and leaving out the good bacteria in the body, it is a whole lot more intelligent than anti-biotics. After being aware that you can get treated which just an infection of these amazing lads, I never wanted to suggest vaccines to anyone ever again! I could go on about vaccines, but that can happen another time. For a while I remember I also got into embryonic stem cell. Since bacteriophage is related to our immunity, I started looking at the immune system deeply. During learning mela, I met a woman who was an immuno-oncologist and instead of using chemical ways of treating cancer ( e.g. Chemotherapy ), they developed anti-bodies that make your immunity stronger to fight the tumor/cancer. At the moment I’m looking at mitochondria and how they give energy to each cell in our body and because of it you can do everything you are doing now! I started off my journey seriously this term, otherwise it was off and on.I’ve started on the mitochondria. There is not much clarity on what I’m doing in biology and also confusion. I’m only doing based on my interests, so sometimes I go from one topic to another topic, but to understand that topic you might need to know what is oxidative phosphorylation. I need a mentor and also a plan on what I’m doing each day otherwise it’s helter-skelter.

How a child Discover?

Well, at first I was just practicing (rather I thought I was practicing) with bhajans, meaning I would sing bhajans in my mind and try to get the tune of the bhajan on the tallam. And I did this for many terms when I started practicing Tallam then one day he asked me how I am practicing the Tallam and when I told how I am practicing he said that is not the way to practice and he said I have to use the metronome beats to practice Tallam. Then for a long time I did not practice Tallam and was engaged in other things like painting then I started this term only I did the actual work of practicing with metronome and in the initial stages he guided me but nowadays I practice on my own.

How a child is Supported?

I started with no deliberate practice I don’t want to it but I want to just play and practice football I did not want to do any documentation of football and I was just not ok with it and and then work on ti I sow how to do it and I tried it out and practiced it for a two weeks and then I was ok with it and then I went on with it and slowly slowly I was more and more ko with it and then I got a hang of it and I could move on faster and faster and I moved ahead very fast I and in the process I enjoyed it a lot and I am still in the process and still I am a footballer I will be in the process. And in between I played some matches and lost and learned a lot and worked on the feedback I got form some people and and I am still working on the people who I thank them a lot and I than people who helped me on my fitness.

How a child understand self ?

I have always been interested in music. But I have a very different connection when it comes to Drumming. I was and I am very much interested in the beats that the songs create. It creates the ‘Bang Bang’ feeling inside me. The best part of any instrument is that you can express whatever you want without using ‘words’. For be there have been recently times when I want to express all I feel but I cannot or don’t want to use words. At those times, Drums have always been my buddy and as people use words, I use drums as my expression window. Okay, too much of lecture, let’s see how I have got introduced to drums. I have wanted to try drumming from a long time, I have also tried djembe which is another kind of have drum. But I didn’t much feel the connection with it. I didn’t feel the need to do it often, so I just stopped it. So one day ‘God himself came and blessed me’ and there I was with one is the most enthusiastic person towards music. He is a parent of one of us and his energy spread to all of us. He was here for a whole week and he taught all of us music.So that is when I started, it would have been around a term or two ago and for so much time I have never been bored of it. This term I learned the gold which is according to my the most interesting part about drumming and I did that mostly this term.

How a child Experiment?

I started what the dream of making sword or a kunai knife or some weapons in Naruto. I imagine carpenter was so easy just take a hacksaw blade just cut front and back your sword is ready.but that did not happen wen I did it first time it was so hard so I just give up so just came and sat on sofa thin i was thinking what else can I do and my mentor came and told me why don’t you use electric Jigsaw i told ok but still I did not not know what it was. Then I saw it and I got to know that it was a electric hexsaw. Then i made a Sword and kunai knife thin and some days back I made a mug stand.