Learning space in Kitchen


Imagine Aarohi which guarantees one definitive outcome – that learning will be self discovery.

This week we tried new recipe of Stuffed Spinach. When me and Varhsa read the recipe, we felt ‘capsicum without cooking will not taste nice’. But we both decided to go ahead – it turned out to be DELICIOUS. In kitchen hundreds of recipe have failed and kids have completely boooooe,, we continue to experiment. Kitchen has become our learning space, we try, we fail, we also succeed.

Advik, was lost in first week when we worked on menu which includes making menu for the week, making grocery list, preparing for market and buying from the market (go with an adult). First week he was completely lost, after two weeks while he was making grocery list he was telling ‘Aditi, next week I am not in menu someone else will do, but you need to put coriander in your list to make chutney for Dahi Vada’. We grow with each experience.

Skanda who was in meal preparation, was excited to make fruit salad and other things during campus care. Last week he was given feedback that quantities were not appropriate, this week he spent time in understanding quantities. Not only he had to do his work, he was also leading the team. Thinking ahead and ensuring work done including asking and guiding other ‘what value addition this time?”

Pratyaksh, each day not only cleaning dustbins but also weighing food waste and tracing the graph. Not only just dumping the garbage but also understanding ‘how does composting works and how to maintain composting pits.

Varsha, our kitchen manager, planned ‘meals clean up training’ to various groups. Few weeks back she would come and ask ‘how much milk should we order?’ This week she gained the confidence to order by self and only one day of the week we had not milk, rest all was well. We together decided to do milk survey to know our milk requirements. This also brought need to bring a survey of tea (how many liters each one drinks) and curd. We fail to learn.

Lakshim, a parent, after failing last week as a leader was given feedback by children to understand the scope of the work and bring clarity to be leader, worked under Skanda’s guidance. Skilfully and delicately she was guided by Skanda to understand how to put up meals responsibility or upkeep the kitchen.

We CELEBRATE LEARNING in each experience.