Learning in Small Things


Learning in small things we do.
Daily diet – A word or a quotation or a law or a puzzle. It begins with choosing a word which I don’t know. Then go ding meaning, then the usage then the similar words than the word in different languages. The quotations also start with choosing a quotation. The law of the day also starts with first exploring choosing the topic and then journey into exploring.

The magic of one starts with just exploring ‘one at a time’. We decide which concept we want to work. Then the journey starts into finding the usage in daily life. And then we just start. Measuring distances we travel daily in feet, inches, and kms. Finding volume of the milk we drink (glass volume), the water we save in rainwater pool. Using Algebra to buy snacks within budget and so on.

Campus training starts with our own fears like fear of snakes, accidents (fire, lightning, road, travel, strangers). And our own needs to learn basic skills of first aid, physical safety and so on. This brings the opportunity to learn the basic skills of research, training, and even presentations.

The reporter is nothing but the opportunity to understand what we read, compose and present to the group. Our weekly reporter reads the news across the globe, understand it as per their level, make a summary and present to the group. The weather news brings a simple opportunity to understand the basics of weather like what is wind, why it blows, temperature, humidity, participation etc.

Health and hygiene brings an opportunity to understand our own body – Why do we brush? What goes in our paste? Myths about brushing (for shining teeth). What goes in socks after we wear it for a long time? Why do we bath? What happens when we chew the food? What in immunity? What goes in our soap? Why wash hands before eating? and so on.

Sunshine sessions bring an opportunity to understand fitness and health. Why we exercise? What happens if you exercise without warm up? What is relaxation? Which music to choose for relaxation? What is breathing? Why do we meditate? How to breathe while running and so on.

Jatre, bring an opportunity to get introduced to the topic which we may not explore on our own like how to understand maths problem, levers in daily life, Algebra in daily life, understand Trees and landscape, know about rocks and minerals, understand the forest, know about Germany, know about a tribe of Musahar from Bihar, spellings, how to study smarter, understand paints, understand organizing a library and so on.

Outdoor brings an opportunity to meet the life beyond the campus. Talking to different people, understanding their business and ideas, knowing the processes and meeting life in different forms. Sometimes it is visiting our neighborhood and knowing the various skills people have and learn from them, while sometimes we visit factories, hospitals or museums

Community sports brings an opportunity to play sports. Something was forgotten or left only to be done in childhood. All ages playing together brings an opportunity to experience cooperation.

Music jockey is all about exploring music across the culture, languages, and borders. We listen, we sing, we play, we dance and we just be with the music.

In life, we just start looking at each thing as a learning opportunity, then there are no boundaries, no limitation, and no bad learners. We all are just learners and we see beauty in cooking our food, growing it, cleaning our toilets, or just shopping for our grocery or learning geography from a scientist.

All learning is beautiful and that’s life.