Learning Sharing – Multi Jaatre


Multi Jaatre are the session taken by different ages. Although the sessions are for the community, most of us know each other very well – but the act of standing in front of people and sharing our knowledge brings a different experience for most of us.

A session on Stock market by a 12yr old child – He likes business, he spent time in understanding the working of the stock market, he prepared the session and finally he spoke for 20 minutes, began with nervousness and excitement, as he progressed he felt confident, achieved, important, respected and pride, He explained – We go to the market to buy food, but to by shares we go to stock market – is it simple! Words we heard – Investment, investor, stock market, run raising, profit, company, partial ownership, shareholders, growth, business, income, money, percentage, proportion, total profit, company expands, win-win, capital, NSE, BSE, share market, company registration, financial broker, success, employees, expert, advise, exchange, money, earn money, buy and sell shares, loss profit, earn fast, utilizing stock market, potential investor, IPO…We all began with different level of understanding about the topic and each one of us understood differently! And few unanswered questions gave him the opportunity to reflect “I know a bit about the stock market, but I need to know many many things to understand the topic”. Question asked by the young crowd – What is stock or shares? Why do we need a stock market? Why do you take shares not take a loan? How do you give me share – paper or just like that? What is the difference between investor and stockholder? What happens when the company fails? Should I decide the value of the share or I decide or we both together decide? Do you have a hold on the shares? Who decides the cost of the share?

A session on Odissi dance, She is 12yrs old, She is learning the dance form for the last two years and likes it! She began with – What is dance? What is Orissi dance? Nritya, Abhinaya, Sangeetam, Tribhngi, Choka, and Mudra are the words we heard during the presentation.

A session on healing, she is 8yrs old, she has experienced healing through her mother, as she shared. “We have magic in our hands,” she announced and started the session. We experienced the magic when but had thoughts after experiencing the healing through our partner’s hands – how does it work? Is it only touch or thoughts makes a difference? Does it work on your skin or on your mind? Whatever was it – it worked! It sounds simple – Keep hands on the head, eyes, shoulders, back, knee, feet and that’s all! But it has a moment of aha! for most of is.