Learning at Resturant

Consider this scene inside a restaurant: 20 children really hungry for breakfast. Two of them are to take everybody’s orders, collate and give it to the restaurant manager, and distribute the food when the order arrives.

What will you do?

The adult in me was itching to help, interfere, take over.

I knew how to do this.

I knew more than these children on how to manage this.

I knew better ways as compared to the way they were doing.

But I held back my superior competence (thanks to reminder by aditi).

The children also knew how to do this.

They learned much much more by doing it totally on their own.

Their way took us a lot of time to finish breakfast ( almost double as compared to what I think I would have taken) – but every minute, every struggle, every thought of theirs – was far superior learning to what could be provided to them in any other form.

I would like to trade superior efficiency, superior results with superior learnings.

All I need is a superior silencer in my mind – keep my mind still, keep my mouth shut and keep all my belief in child’s ability to do and to learn in limelight!