Learning by Reflection

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We have no concept of holidays at Aarohi – we live and learn all the days of the year! Our places changes – campus, home, travel etc. Each term break brings an opportunity to reflect – detailed discussion with each family and this add value to the whole Aarohi community, and the whole process gives each one of us a chance to grow and bring clarity.

What worked, Which all interests the child could explore further? What is satisfying, what is not? What helped in earning, what was missing in the learning environment? What all new, what missed? What expectations were met, what were not? How did community helped in your learning? and what role you played to the community and its members? and so on. As one reflect, the process leads– what are the plans for next 3/6/9/12 months?

And the whole process allows us to PAUSE and LISTEN. During one of the reflection process, we asked each child “what help do you need from us”

  • One expressed “just be with and flow with me” – This is such a genuine need of each individual! Ah! We hope we learn this ability to go with the flow as we flow with each child. Thank you all for sharing

  • One child said “be firm with me” – Ah! Firmness is official now

  • Another one said “do not interfere with me” – Hmmm we need to mind our own business

  • One said “remind me to come back to the planning” – Okay! we are with you in your journey.

  • One said “Give me clues to use different resources for my task and even tell me about my food (this will not help)” – Yippy, we can give gyan (knowledge).

No matter how much we are aware we tend to make images about other – lazy, excuses, wasting time, arguing, attitude and so on.

But the listening helped to understand those actions and those actions…

  • Someone is not lazy – just not clear about the work or down with emotions

  • Someone is not making excuses – just stuck with the lack of skills

  • Someone is not arguing – just does not know what else

  • And so many these changing perspectives, definitely going to help in working and adding value in each action with the kids.

We love REFLECTION at Aarohi! It’s one of the tools of our growth!

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