Learning by Reflecting

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Sometimes it is difficult to comprehend what all is happening all around us – Self-reflection at the end of the week reveals the unlimited churning inside each child, and yet more remains inside, hard to express all in words. Some of the snippets from our reflection…

Three kids interested in football took up the challenge of 7 days Mandala period – kind of 7-day challenge to work intensely on football, and not only practicing but living football in many different ways.

It began with making own daily schedule, and reflecting each day at the end of the day – Realizing that the body is important – rest became important, food became important, body care like massage and soaking in the water came in our scheduling and the bath got its place! They even looked at some tools like yoga nidra to include in the day to ensure rest. I

One of them shared in reflection – I thought it would be a great week of intense football and fitness and full of working hard and I will not be full of joy. I planned 8 and half hours of football and I could do it completely and focus on the SAP and understanding everything In detail. I agreed that I will not use any of these like Instagram WhatsApp games during the day time. I accepted that I will be fully focused on football and not do anything which will distract me from football. And I failed to follow the timings in the evening sometimes. I used my strengths of hard-working, perseverance, focused, trying. And finally advice for my peers – To be serious when doing anything with football. Another shared – It was a seven-day challenge to become more disciplined.

Another one shared – I was thinking in the beginning that it’s gonna be fun and challenging. I am thinking now that I want to continue with the same amount of intensity and be more effective and improve as much as I can. I was planning my session with more detail and better time managed. I planned group practice, individual practice, rest and body care etc. I agreed that my entertainment was strictly at night time. I expected from myself that I put my hundred percent on practice and try to implement what I read. I achieved detailed practice and SAP (simple achievable practice) and being punctual. I felt that I failed in my body care. I did not take it seriously and I got my knee pain again. I also feel achieved that my level has gone up from the past few months. I used my strength of Persistence, hard work, organized discipline, planning, focusing, listening and taking feedback. And finally advice for my peers – Be serious and come wanting to learn during group practice.

Another shared –In the beginning, I was thinking that my main purpose was to come to campus so that I could discipline my plan and myself to get back into the system that will eventually lead me to pro-life. I think now that, of course, I want to stick with this intensive and deliberate plan, It will make up for all the days I missed. I mainly planned sessions that would give more effectiveness for my body so that I become faster and stronger. Also, I planned time for my body to get rest also. I agreed with timings I could use entertainment. I expected myself to take this as the best opportunity to improve more than the others at Bangalore-united. I achieved a much better understanding on how to make the best use of planning and practice, how I can make sure I achieve something out of each training. I used my strengths of Mainly Self control and Hard work. And advice for my peers. Be more supportive and give useful comments.

As a facilitator, it gave a small review into their world! and also all thoughts came from them – I did not need to create an evaluation system for them – All I did was created a space to think and reflect through few questions!

It is also not much important to know, what did they say or not say in reflection, what is important is that they were thinking. They may not say what all they are thinking or feeling, but they are thinking!