Learning Path

Last week kids worked with “NO goal, NO MI mind map and they did not follow objective of the week”.Yes, does this looks like that “they must have been lost?”, or They would not have taken the challenging goals”, orThey would not have learnt much?

Nothing of the above happened.This week we began with stimulation and kids were very puzzled “what we will do or can do in thinking skills- questioning”???At the end of the stimulation, they were in the same state? During the week.

  • They pondered
  • They did not ask questions?
  • They did not work on objective, they travelled their journey in their own way – [I do not have to bind them with one way, one method, I have to move ahead with them.]

In the beginning of the week, Kids asked “do we have to work with the objectives?” Do we have to work with MI?I shared “my job was to expose you to learn about something in different ways, my job is done, you are aware, you have the choice to choose your path. You can exercise any MI, any objective and goal as and when you need”?

Kids wokred on their own goals, only difference is that I was not aware which goal they are working on :). I did not interfere with anyones journey. They shared at the end of the week

  • I wanted to understand the constitution of India. I read about Secularism, I understood the preamble of the constitution and I made a poster on rights and duties. I did not work on Questioning in any session. I was excited to create my own path for learning,
  • I questioned people how do they decide what to wear, and I was also asking myself how do I decide what to wear, how I get to know about fashion”. In thought club I asked “what if no one wait for you and waits for and go in train and I also placed myself in the same place”. To understand more, get clarity in my thoughts and to know people’s perspective about the topic I asked questions.
  • I learnt that to make a pot you can make in any which way, and it is in your hand to make design. By doing that I learnt that with anything I can try anything. I learnt by reflection that I can do in 15 minutes also.
  • I learnt that If I make a candle and directly put without using the oil, the candle will not come out. If I mix blue and green, on top I will get yellow colour, if it is properly mixed inside also. I learnt about myself that even though I did not have any idea about the material, at last I found out wax, a big candle and I learnt about myself that even for the last minute I can do many things.
  • I learnt how I can do fast in pottery when I was observing other child.
  • I started working without any planning for the week. I tried making a pot but it did not come out good and it fell down and got messy also. I scarped the messy part and cleaned all the mess. In project time I started my making path for the cycle stand. Many difficulties came in between; I faced with them – like moving rocks, moving leaves, the grass not coming out etc. I could not do much work.

Do you think they were learning? What they learnt cannot be documented in any text book or cannot be assessed by any medium. They are am’able, they can workout their learning paths.