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From Bhaval’s diary
The beginning of the year 2021 brought some determinations. One of them was to learn a sport. As a child, I used to play quite a few street games but never went for any sport. As a mom, I have always gone to drop kids to sports class and have mostly waited there watching them. And now it’s mumma’s turn to go inside the court. The very first day when I went and started playing, the first thought was.. thank god I drive myself and kids don’t need to drop me and watch each of my movements to analyze later in the day. When I told the same to my son, he is like… so what you drive yourself, still we can come to just watch:))

After spending almost a week, I am. pondering over few thoughts.
1. I am thoroughly enjoying my mornings inside the court. would the experience remain the same if one of my family members would be watching me? Watching me with the intention to “support” me improve my game?
2. Each day i come with some determination that I would practice so and so technique at home so the next day I feel equipped. I don’t do it each day. The zeal of doing it other days would have remained the same if someone keeps reminding me of my morning determination?
3. Last Saturday I had a dilemma, either to attend a community session or go for the badminton coaching. I wasn’t sure. At the last moment, I decided to stay home and joined the online session. Did my kids always enjoy this freedom to choose?
4. To learn even an easy technique, it takes me longer than other fellow beginners, i have my own justifications for that and I know it is taking longer but I am able to make it. I have my own goals obviously different from other fellow players and I am motivated to reach my goal.

Is it a feeling of all the human being or just limited to adults? I don’t know how much of these insights am I or will be able to put in practice!