Learning in Multi forms


Multi session taken by kids of various ages – It was not about us knowing and learning from them – but it was all about various exposures and various opportunities to look at learning.

A session about the life of an Astronaut in space by a 14yrs old child began with pondering “what is space?” – Solar system, lot of stars, dark, alien, No gravity, no friction
The next question was “What question comes in your mind for daily life of an Astronaut in space station”?
How do they eat?
What do they eat?
Do they carry air?
How do they drink water?
How does it feel to be in space?
What job do they have?
Do they use the same kind of toilet paper?
How do they sleep?
Why do they go to space?
In his presentation he dealt on various topics, some he knew, some he said ” I don’t know”.

Next session on “Sangeetham” with a child of 7 years old who first thanked her teacher and acknowledged her own practice to be able to travel the journey of learning classical music.

Last in the line was another 15 yrs old, he asked “how evolution works?”
He read about the topic of his choice, made notes and shared about what he understood. He explained few things what he understood, few of us understood what he spoke. Few things he realized that he himself didn’t understand all what he read.
In the session we heard various terms – How can one animal develop in various species? What is species? The uniqueness of the living creatures, excess production, Heredity, Selection, DNA, Chromosome, offspring, nucleus, species, family, recombination, mutution, gamates, male sperms and egg shells, reshuffling of chromosome, random mixed, traits, diversity, copying errors, random changes, predators, parasites, race, toxins, habitat, climate.
For some of us these were known topics while for some it created curiosity.

Imagine Aarohi, a Learning community where learning happens with anyone at any place in different forms. A community where learning is not defined by curriculum or people. Its an open community, where we explore learning in many forms.