Learning in a million ways – Glimpses of a week

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At Aarohi – learning comes in millions of ways. Children decide what they want to do/learn (content) and how they want to do/learn it (process). Often these goals involve making (a cake), creating (a movie), building (a house of pets), exploring (gardening or poetry), researching (about Ashoka the king), and so on. Most of the endeavours span multiple contents, skills, and abilities. Most of the endeavours necessitate many methods, tools, resources, and interactions. It’s a very dynamic process with peers, facilitators, and anybody else constantly adding value and challenges and sometimes guidance to it. At the end of the day, I can reflect back on what I did, liked, found tough, want to do more, and so on. Reflection can be on what they did, how they did, resources used people’s interaction, emotions, etc.

The announcement in advance *“Prepare 7 same size circles of cut cotton fabric with assorted colors. The diameter of the circle can be 3.5 inches. Need sewing needle and thread”* brought an energy of preparations. The morning announcement “all to prepare the material on their own (mother and children do not exist, only the individuals exist” brought an experience of ME and my role in my preparation. A pile of cloth pieces came into action. The scissors came into action. The dimensions came into action. Across the ages, the interaction/help/teaching came into action. During the jaatre, doing was in action with different individuals interacting with thread, needle, and clothes in different forms. And that’s all!

No theme, No occasion, Just like that a Puppet show in action, One started the flame, Few more joined, Did not worry about the language – just spoke

Few scraps from the Toy factory – unlimited creation each week in the Herramientas (our mud house) with carpentry

Few known, many unknown on a Monday morning – Some known, some unknown food habits. Some known, some unknown choices of the “what I want to do”. Some known, some unknown faces. Some known, some unknown events. And that’s all about the Mondays at the campus. I decide? How do I decide? Can I decide? What can I do? How do I do? What can I do?

Art was in action today at the campus – No special occasion. One dried bottle gourd to make a lamp. A mud wall to transfer the imagination. Few old sketch-pens and used toothbrushes to make a pattern. and that’s all

It was just not about making jewellery – But also about patterns, sorting, discussing the design sharing the ideas, searching for that particular bead, making, creating, sharing, immersing, and a lot more

Lunchtime was a good time to catch up with the colors of the t-shirt, same same, different, more, less – all kinds of conversation in place with a meal in action.

REPAIR CAFE – Tyre seat to repair, pillow covers to stitch using the sewing machine, torn books to repair, pressure cooker handles to tighten were some of the items, a sewing machine attracted many to try, to see, to stitch, and also to get hurt.

Akkas did not come that day, a few of us joined in cooking together, No hands are small, We all did our bit, And the lunch was ready for the community!

We made a collage of the dreams I want to dream today and shared as a reflection “what I did for this dream today”. Every time we make a collage, the activity goes on and on. And we have to really stop it. Wondering why we do not make collages more often as a family/group activity? Inviting you to make more collages – just take a few old magazines/old newspapers and choose a theme and just look for more words-pics and create visuals. Just a suggestion to not use scissors.