Learning Mela – Open to Learn from anyone .


Learning Mela conducted by 7th std students to 6th Std Students.
The previous week, all the preparation about what stalls, what all resources we need for the stall went into vain. The children forgot about the stalls and did not get resources. Some children were on leave and so group dropped the idea of conducting stall, Sports items needed were not brought so had to drop, VII B section has Science show so could not participate. With all these, children did not give up the idea of conducting learning mela. Two children changed Jewelry stall to Rangoli stall, Few children wanted to conduct dance, The sports team chose Kabaddi and another team quickly decided to teach Dove game. We all went down and set up the stalls to draw boundaries also. By then 6th standard children came down with an open mind to learn.
Observation: Children were open to learning, came out of comfort zone, boys did Rangoli, Girls played Kabaddi, Boys learned to dance from Girls. Learning went beyond age, caste, creed, boy/girl. in 30 minutes Children who conducted the stall learned to handle the groups, teach to the group, Children who participated got an opportunity in understanding and trying out different things.
Reflection: 6th children were inspired to teach to 7th standard. 7th standard children felt a sense of achievement, confidence in teaching, sharing, conducting the stalls.
Learning comes to us in many different ways.(edited)Image from Android