Learning Mela – A concept to share


Learning mela – a concept so simple to experience learning – At one place, on the same day, people gathering: Children, young adults, parents, senior citizens … all with different gifts, coming together to create the magic of co-learning. Learning Mela, where anyone can teach, anyone can learn … A day to experience the joy of learning, sharing, exploring, mingling … to celebrate diversity in Learning.

Thank you, Sree Lakshmi, for organizing leaninrg mela at your home terrace and expanding this concept – she shared
Everyone felt important, understood and helped each other to learn and grow. The kids were there till all clean up was done too. Our daughter has more friends with strong connections now.

The children seem to want it every week. So, I was thinking of having different meaningful gatherings every week like Bring your favorite book to read, Games, carpentry, craft, Collection and Donations drive, movie together, art, have different people visit us and tell us what they know etc.

Thank You AAROHI for developing such an immensely useful and joyful process to connect with different people and age groups and most importantly promoting it to be used by absolutely anyone. I bow to your unconditional sharing and service

I had a very fulfilling day as we finally began using our terrace space which was long pending.

Watch these videos to get the idea of learning mela!