Learning Language

Hi, Meet Vaishali who came to our live station.

She has done her TTT and she had come to meet our Amable team. She mentioned was learning Mandrian. As you know for us evey person/situation is a learning opprotunity and we immediately latched on to her and asked her she could come for a live station and she agreed. Thank you Vaishali for spending your time with us.

She came in with her notes and songs for us. She made us write few words.

The open mouthed expressions can tell you what and how it was.As Vaishali was telling us to write the Chinese words we were getting confused with the spelling and with the sounds. Chidren were saying the words with loads of expressions. Building their connections to the English words and making their own conversations.

Few sentences that we learned which we are using are-

Ni hao ma
Wo hen hao.
po ke chi
Zai jian

We also learned how lines and strokes are used in the language.

We enjoyed this session. After the session few children were discussing how each language is unique, one wants to learn Chinese just for fun. An exposure is what they require.