Learning Journey

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Some learning stories – They look very simple, but they have loads of thinking and planning behind all this.

First I was not getting how to make, I was making a mistake. Second I was not CONCENTRATING on pot making and I TRIED to do and I was FORGETTING how to make and Finally, I got Correct shape by observing and TRYING and Creating my own Pot using hand

FAILing – In failing I tried and tried and tried not to show the trick, but I failed. TRYing – In Trying, I got an idea not to show the tricks and I kept on trying and Trying. DOing – I felt when i got the trick, I felt like I was an actual Magician. This Magic trick almost became my hobby.

I OBSERVE for one minute butterfly, then I LISTEN to how much sound I am making by walking, then I SEE a butterfly, If it is going to fly away or not and then the last step is I ACT really fast and catch the butterfly.

Imagine Aarohi, An Open Learning Community, a life education, where learning happens from their life – for life.