Learning Jatre – Carpentary


Often tools are considered to be used by ‘some experts’. We don’t know how this beliefis formed, but we rarely consider coming close to them and becoming friends with them in our living. The learning Jatre at Aarohi brought carpentry tools closer to many of us. Some of us have been using these tools for years, but some of us have never touched them. Some look tough to use while some looks beyond our capabilities. The Jatre was focused on usages of the tools and introducing new tools added in our carpentry section.

Education is not about a system that the child follows, rather Aarohi is a system that follows the child in his journey of learning. To provide the child this space – Aarohi offers to the child exposure of all kinds: since our map is the whole universe – according to us everything is worth learning. The child meets all kinds of stuff, from stitching to salsa, from emotions to electromagnetism, from sonnets to subtraction – and so on. The child does not learn because we want her to learn something at that age. Child learns because she wants to learn that something at that age.