Learning Jatre – Campus Training


Campus training is about knowing, understanding and being ready for different situations to live at the campus and to in general in life.
We began with assessing ourselves on different topics. This assessment helped us in deciding if one needed to work more on any topic or work on other topics.

The assessment was based on three criteria
Am I ready to handle different situations? Do I have the required understanding?Do I have the requiredknowledge?

Campus Training covers these 10 areas

  1. Animals safety – Elephants
  2. Animal Safety – Snakes and Scorpions
  3. Fire safety – Forest fire
  4. Fire Safety – Building fire ( electrical, gas, chulha)
  5. First aid – burns, bruises, burning, choking, fainting, nose bleeding, fracture, insect bite, poisonous, breathing
  6. Self Safety – Sexual
  7. Self Defense – Stranger, a street dog, people etc.
  8. Cyber safety – Internet usage, Email, Social media.
  9. Natural Safety – Lightning and Earthquake.
  10. Pet Safety

Most of us began with asking questions to know the answers…some of them are

  • What to do when one drinks chemical?
  • What to do when a dog is chasing?
  • What will you if someone in trying to rob you?
  • What to do when you drink Harpic or someone similar?
  • What you do when you catch fire?
  • What is the treatment for first, second and third degrees burn?
  • How to know someone is suffocated?
  • What to do when someone is going to hit you?
  • What to do when you get chicken
  • What is first aid for fracture?
  • How to control forest and building fire?
  • When to use fire blanket?
  • What to do in body fire?
  • How will you know what kind of self-defense you need?

We began once again with new reasons to work on various topics.