Learning History with A child


How do we learn History? No history classes, no history teachers, no curriculum of history, and no exam of history….Imagine,Aarohia learning Community where learning can happen from anyone, it can happen for no reason except the interest!

He is 13yrs old’

He likes war
He likes weapons
He admires US fighter pilots
He is admirer of courage
Theme of his short film is most often “bad guys and good guys”.
He reads books on world war
He shares stories of various wars
He learnt about countries through reading about war
And he shared all about world war-2 in a session

The session began with “what is world war from you? “Hitler, war, Hitler’s journey from a soldier to the commander.

He shared anout the role of various countries.
Stories of various countries. – why Japan and USA had fight?
What was Korea before.
How the various countries got invadrd ?
Who all were allies?
Why Soviets went against Germany?
Some of the famous incidences like
Evacuation of Dunkirk – Ungurdeded borders, lack of fortification, Belgium border, the inpenetrable forces, city in France, U-boats, Naval tactics, Ships torpedo, Great Britain, German airforce, allied forces, huge ships, UK airforce, Windsill Churchill, Civil boats, Swam of boats, Bomb the civilian boats, Paris captured, Tactics, Bombed Burlin, RAF bases, Attack on London, Air jet shelters.

Pearl HarborTheattack on naval base of US. Japan attack on Pearl Harbour, Did not attack repair places was one of the main mistake, US angry and fierce fight happened, US capturing Japanese islands. Glider plane with bomber, suicidal attack, Furious, Atom bomb in Hiroshima and then in Nagasak, Hitler shot, lasted six year. 41 attacks on Hitler, but he survived all but he shot himself.

Was there any winner the world war?
Did India fought the war?
Subhash Chandra Bose using the opportunity.

Molotov Cocktails – bottle with flammable liquid.
Submatibe Aircrafts
Exploding Dogs
Pykrate – Ice and wood together
Rail Gun

Resurces Recommened by him (helped him to explore this journeyo f world war)

Simple history Channel
Horrible History
Fat book on world war 2 – composition of various experiences.