Learning by experiencing

Last week I experienced the difference in action and theory.

At campus we have gone through many discussions on “when you see snake what to do”. And one of the code we all have understood (in theory) is to leave the place if you spot the snake inside the house and the snake will abandon after time, check with caution and occupy the place again – Sound so simple!

So here I go

Last week while we were working on resource room one of the mason spotted a snake inside the shelter. We saw the snake, I took the pictures for identification, I asked people to leave the snake alone and assured that it will go away – but I myself was not sure that it will go away. Somewhere I had the desire to see him going for my comfort, I stood for three hours, ensuring noone is killing, but also wanted to be sure that it goes away in front of my eyes so I am assured – somehow could not believe that it will go away by self. I made few calls to expert and they repeated “it will go away, do not do anything”. By the evening I was tired and I had started believing that it will go away. The next day it was not there. We searched the whole place to ensure safety and I smiled at myself.

One of the child who was with me, saw the snake and reminded me “Aunty it will go away, leave him alone”. The child had full faith in her understanding about snakes…….I did not have :).

Learning every day with kids. Sometimes I think what all more challenges do I have to face, sometimes I think “how many things I have not learnt in so many years”. Thanks to the kids and campus I am learning.