Learning Experiences

Parent-child-mentor meeting is to add value to our ecosystem. For the benefit of the child, open and honest communication among facilitator, child, and parent is needed. Parent, children, and facilitator together review learning, challenges, expectations etc.
At Aarohi we believe we all are learner and child can get immense benefit by knowing us and knowing about our learning experiences. The parent-child facilitator meetings are intended to broaden the horizon of learning and learning from each other.
“How do we learn? What strengths do we exhibit while we learn? What are our road blocks? What roles do we want to play in each other’s journey and feedback to each other”. Sharing learning patterns, strengths and blocks gave an opportunity for the child to know that we all have our own sets of strengths and blocks. We all have different sets of strengths. We work on some of our blocks or get bogged down by them. We also live with our blocks and strengths. We take our own decision to work on some weaknesses while sometimes we decide to live with them.
It was an enriching experience to spend time and listen to each other. Another opportunity to learn from life for life!