Learning everyday

This week in session one child took literature as the content. I was happy yeah, I had done little work on this and was already to share my gyan. I started with listening to the child and as I became aware I realized I was not listening to the child. At every sentence internally I was na not like this, this way. Within few minutes I became aware and I stopped myself. This awareness brought in loads of peace within me. I changed my strategy and now I was listening to the child. My thoughts were truly kept aside and I was now more eager to learn from the child. I wanted to understand his views which were based on his own learning, his own need for exploration and his own journey.
There was no looking back- I only shared there is a PPt on literature- if you want take it. I left it at that.
I also reflected can I become conscious of what I am doing, can I stop myself and tell the child I am sorry I was pushing you to do something which I wanted to do, can I just become a fresh learner every time I interact with anybody. I am sure I will work on my flaws with a conscious efforts. The concept “am able” will help me to work on self.