Learning Environment – this week

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My collection on learning environment last week

In the morning I heard “coookdoo coo” and I felt nice to hear this sound. I realized that this came to me through different people – Ratnesh recognizing the needs, announcing as a project, Achalesh joining it, Muniraj and akkas bringing their knowledge, Chitra sharing her experience and this continues to be a learning experience – I got exposed to how to find a need, how to act on a need, how to involve people and collaborate, how to use information, how to understand research, how to act on doing, how to connect with the market, how to face failure, how to re-work on mistakes, how to argue and listen, and ENJOY!

Achalesh and Advay in fitness Klub – if someone does not come, they call. They argue they debate, they plan, they listen, they take ideals, they inspire others, they appreciate the efforts, and they celebrate. I learn a different way of facilitation, I learn how to engage without expectation, I learn how to follow up, I learn how to forgive, I learn how to move ahead, I learn how to find solutions, I learn how to be cool and still be pushy about my content.

Last week I spent with Avani – she can keep her food in her mouth for a few minutes. I learned how to enjoy the juices of the food. I learn with her – how to observe, how to forget other things when into something, I learn how to tell stories, how to practice, how to follow people, how to play endlessly. I saw her cool before the theatre show – I learned how not to panic. I saw her preparing for a radio show – I learned how to deal with expectations of others, deadlines, failing with deadlines, taking reminders with joy, taking feedback, taking instruction, understanding technology.

Ah! My list is long, share your LIST of learning from the environment around you