Learning to Draw


She wanted to learn how to DRAW. She felt that she does not have the skills, gets stuck when she wants to draw, does not know…hence not drawing.

Well, first we recorded her thoughts.

Then she went around and asked, “any ideas how to draw?”

Here are the ideas she collected on “how to learn to draw” – she spoke to different people in the community


See books and draw

Take one picture and keep trying till you get the perfection

OBSERVE – lines, curves, patterns

Practicing circles, lines, triangles, squares

Perspective drawing


Draw in sand, water, fingers

How to draw watch videos


Step by step drawing

Watch this – https://www.wikihow.com/Draw-Without-Taking-Classes

Take ideas from People – Ranjini, Asawari, Sunitha Aunty, Lakshmi, Avani, Aswathy, Shikha, Zaman, Gracy, Nisi, Skanda, Saarang, Leela, Aditi and Smiriti

And today she drew

And would like to take 30 days challenge to draw

Imagine Aarohi, a learning community where learning happens in many different ways from different people – no teachers, but a teacher in each one of us!