Learning by Doing @O-campus Update

Around 20 kids and 20 adults came for learning event at O-campus, Kelmanagalm.

Kids were completely soaked in doing. Adults were curiously finding about the place, concept and learning opportunities.

Few kids want to come back and learn earth bag construction, some want to come back and see how the final structure comes up. Astha and Asawari guided them with lots of patience and enthusiasm. Wait for their blog 🙂

Bhavava was leading mural team and guiding many kids at a time to make mural and encouraging them to experiment with mud.

Dhrupad with Astha and Asawari lead the “guided tour” to the campus to all the kids and tried selling “tree climbing techniques”.

Rajesh created magic by converting a coke can into a lamp shade.

Had a wonderful time with all – still soaking in with the experience.

By Aditi

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