Learning by doing


He likes animals

He likes movie making

He is clear he does not want to do make movies on animals which torture them during the shoot

He is also scared of holding animals

He started an Internship with Prani every Friday

Each Friday is a new experience for him

His session on “All about rodents” began with a question: what are they?

Hamsters, Gerbil, Guinea pigs were some of the words we heard

He shared few Facts – some he knew, some he did not know

Teeth never stop growing, so they something to nibble

Lives 1-10 yrs, do not have a long lifespan

They are everywhere – maybe not in antarctic

When the babies are born, they have the ability to walk

They eat their own babies (how cruel as human says, but what do the rodent say?)

Used for lab testing

On earth since 1969, I mean with or without dinosaurs era

Hamsters use side cheeks to store their food

How to keep them as a pet

He shared all his practical knowledge of keeping them as pets – with a spark in his eyes.

He created interest in some of us about rodents!

Imagine Aarohi, A learning community, where all learning is meaningful!