Learning in Doing


During my trip to Andaman, I overheard one of the Scuba Diving instructor telling a participant “You are not doing too good with diving, but you don’t do good just by talking about it, you do good by DOING, so just go and DO”.

Just one idea “Gift a Dosa to others in lunch today” was enough to experience “Care for others, doing, trying, experimenting, thinking, feeling grateful”.

Gratitude – “I have gratitude for all mothers and akkas and facilitators who make food for us, just after making one dosa, the heat of the gas was troubling me”.

Care “what kind of Dosa you like? Shall I add chutney podi or more butter for you”?

Trying – “I made for the first time”.

Experimenting – “How about making Ragi Egg Dosa?”

Culinary Skills – “Presentation with a dash of coriander to the Dosa”.