Learning with Constraint


​​​​Can a campus teach? Can a small constraint of ‘no geyser’ teach us anything? Yes, we have been exploring many things – began with simple Chulha (wood fired stove), sometimes some of us spending hours to make fire happen.

Then one day one of the nearby villager showed us how simple it can be, we were happy with our new learning. Soon we discovered ‘rocket stove design’. Knowing how we can also save energy and also make do with twigs and​​ some dry sticks. We also noticed what happens when the wood is wet and when it is dry … brings sensitivity to change our needs as per the weather.

Rains often makes our chulha wet and so our wood…bringing another learning.

In the process some discovered that they can use long forgotten experiments of ‘fire using sunlight’…. we meet learning in many ways.

Just that we need to relook at the learning and its dynamics.