Learning campus

Few weeks back we were affected by lightening – our solar panels were damaged and needed repair.Although most of the kids were nor directly involved with this project (they have many other project running and they are busy), they were all learning passively with adults around.

Vishaland Rajesh worked relentlessly and innovatively to ensure that all our solar panels and charging system is back in action. UPS is charging and we have electricity back in campus as well as we are pumping water from borewell again

Vishal shared “it has been an experience of it’s kind. I never cared for the existence of something known as lightning before this. It made us tighten many loose screws. The last two important screws are still WIP. Fixing the solar panels our self was real fun. at the end, it appeared like a simple fix but, we arrived at it after rajesh brought in the fundamental understanding about what all a solar panel has. Rajesh, thanks to you, I am personally appreciating the electronics world a lot more than the engineering days”.

I enjoyed every step and was inspired by the whole process and patience of Vishal and Rajesh in understanding the whole system.Loving learning from every opportunity campus is creating for us.