Is this learning?

One child informed “I am not doing anything today”.
After some time, she was looking for her notebook, she looked all around, she did not find. After searching all over the place she asked me to write a notice for all. We did it together. We wrote the color of the missing notebook and size of the book after using scale. She wanted to write another notice by self, she again wanted me to write. This time I asked “ow can you write?” First she insisted i should write, expressed “I cannot write” shared her emotions by crying. After listening to all, I asked again “so how else can you write? She drew what she wanted to write. Then she went around and looked for spellings of the day (monday), then looked at other notices to find and write date. Then she made her own spellings and sentences. She asked me to write, so she could copy them – this time I did!!

  • She put the notice, and read for many others.
  • She also read other notices with the help of others
  • She read for many other.

I was wondering “what else is doing?” What else is learning?

Another child came and informed the same “not doing anything”. He went around for an hour, observing what other people were doing. Suddenly he came to me to show a bug, he was frightened with the size. I did not got up from my place and asked the child “what is the color, size…….how many legs and so on”. He described, he measured the size and I clicked the photo. We together observed “where is the insect going, how walking, different colors and so on”. For next two hours he was spotting insects at the campus and describing color, sizes, habitat etc.

Is this learning?