Learnin Jatre – Electrical


We have fewer plug points and more electrical items to use. This needs more plug points, so the session on understanding electricity, what’s inside the plug was natural to happen.

What is electricity?
Why do we need electricity?
Where do we get electricity from?
What is the battery?
What is solar energy?
Why do we need inventor?
Where is the light getting its energy?
What is direct current?
Why do we need AC current?
Why do some machines run on AC current?
Why do we need three pins?
What happens when you put your gadget in the socket?
Why do get shock?
What is a shock ?
Why do we use AC fit higher voltage?
What is earthing?
What is the voltage of earth?
What are conductors?
What is the meaning of poor or good conductor?

We tried finding answers to our questions
We tried understanding about electricity through voltage, current, and power. And tried understanding how it works in the campus. We worked on knowing inside the plug box.