Learn by doing : Making of compost


We watched a video on compost. Children shared the story with thoughts. We also pondered what do we do with our food waste? Do we want to make a compost ? Do we want to use the waste food for our plants? Do we like to make one for school? They shared we don’t have a box to compost. I shared about the compost pit what we use at Aarohi.

Few children volunteered to work on making a compost pit. It was like a magic showers, children started working undisturbed . Asked for permission from teacher, chose a space, started digging using fallen thick twigs, made a pit, took a tile and cement bag to close. They also dug 2 more small pit to experiment paper and plastic waste compost. They fixed a small twig, collected some paper and plastic, rounded them to twig’s end to differentiate which pit is for paper and plastic. Ideas were flashing like flashlights to them, their hands on work is amazing to watch . Anything they get around they find a way how to use them. They thought about which side to open, with mud they made a boundary and kept opening one side only.

Watching video and to make a workable compost pit was just 40 minutes and we were ready with our compost. They shared about the pit to all their friends and how to use with a smile of achievement.

Their commitment, responsiveness, dedication, creativity made me to ponder about their skills. The entire process of making, i was a silent observer and was amazed to see their potential.,