Some children like to lead, some think leadership means commanding. Sports brings anopportunity for them to experince leadership. Many likes to conduct sports session for manyreasons

  • Command over others
  • Bring sports of my choice
  • In case of conflict ;I am leader, you listen to me”.
  • In case of decision making ‘my decision is final, I am leader’.

Well, while the leader gets to do all these things but it also brings a huge amount ofresponsibility. Nothing at Aarohi comes without responsibility :).The sports leader starts with deciding what sports to play, go through guidelines, look for new sports (team co-operation games), bring necessary changes in standard rules of sports to accommodate all ages and all skills, makes necessary arrangements….sometimes it even takes few hours to prepare for a session of an hour for the child to conduct. And at the end community has power to give feedback to ensure all needs are met.

Leadership is not easy, it demand work and understanding of human needs.