LBD: Exploring about Food that we eat.


STIMULATION: Remember your favorite hero, heroine. Do you all like their looks, body built and so…

Imagine what could be their lifestyle, what if they don’t do fitness, what if they eat. More, less or any restriction on food.
Do you believe food has any effect on the body?

Initially questions made them little lost, but once they were doing the activity, they got interested.


To understand what goes into the food – We read the Food packets and listed what goes into the food. Made a list of ingredients that are from farm and chemical. Then we shared about chemical and its effect. They were actively listening about the chemical and its effects.
We also shared that in Village we have easy access to fresh foods from nature, good and healthy eating homemade foods.

Reflection: List out Food that we eat Always, sometimes, few times and figure out what food habits you follow.

The choice is for everyone to be aware of what we eat, either chemical food or fresh foods, food from nature.