LBD – Explore Lif Cycle of a Product


Exploring shirt as part of the Life cycle of the product

Stimulation:What all products do we use in our daily life – Bag, Box, Pencil, Pen, Show, socks, Clothes.

What is the Life cycle of the product – From starting raw material to making of product to disposal.


We named starting stage to Extraction, making stage to production, distribution, consumer, disposal. We made 5 groups and each group was made to explore each stage of product making. We shared, discussed within the groups: what struggles, benefits and resources we use in the life cycle of shirt-making process.

Extraction Process – Farming process: Cotton, Tilling, Water, Medicines, Cutting, Company for thread, Machines

Production process: Thread, Dye color, Design, Looms, Cloth pieces, Garments, Sewing machines, Cutting machines

Distribution Process: The company, the cost for petrol, vehicle, driver,

Consumers: Attract customers, discount, shop maintenance, Types, designs, door delivery

Disposal: Reuse as duster, pillows, buttons, pockets, make ropes, Few throws in Dustbin, Chula.

They all were thinking and sharing from their point of view.

Reflection:Each group enacts to the entire group about the process they discussed in smaller groups.

During pretend and play – Few were feeling shy, uncomfortable to act. Few want to go away instead of acting. groups lost cooperation in maintaining silence and listening to other groups.

We were not able to take it forward what are the other real issues in the life cycle of the product in every stage.