LBD – Awareness about Cosmetics and natural products


Stimulation – We all love to look beautiful. How do we make ourselves beautiful?
We saw images to collect thoughts about shiny teeth, soft and glowing skin, long and silky hairs, clean washed clothes.

.Activity – We all listed 10 products which we use in our daily life.
We questioned do we know how are these made of? Have you thought about this?
We had cards of chemicals used in these products and its effects on the body. We read about these and questioned how our grandparents kept themselves clean and healthy.We connected with Ads how they make us fools and are promoting their products , that gradually affect us in many different ways. We are also intelligent and we have great knowledge about naturally used, tested and proven products by our grandparents that will not affect our body in the long run.

Reflection: We also like to promote our grandparent’s products. We made Advertisements in the form of posters, Stories, Pictures, Songs…..