What are laws? Laws are something which help us in keeping order and justice. How long back were laws made? Laws dated back back to 2600 BC at Harappa and Mohenjo Daro dynasty, they had laws about how to build houses and drainage system. If we follow those laws now we can make India a better place.There were many good laws related to land so that farmers do not suffer. Every man has a right to defend themselves even if they commit a crime.

How do you become a judge? You do not have to go through college. You can just stay at your home and study the law. One uncle did this but he was an engineer and he worked very hard hard to come to the stage where the government of Canada asked him to become a judge.

Vishveshwarya Rai was a poor boy but he became so respected that there is a museum built after him in Bangalore. Thats an example of how hard one can work.

Whatever you learn or whatever you want to do in the future you have to work on it hard.

This is what I understood about law