Language through Poetry


Language through poetry

Anitha Murthy, a published writer shared, “Poetry is like perfume in a bottle, it is not rose, but extract of that perfume”. This was different way of looking at poetry. She shared how senses are part of learning. Often skills like langauge, writing, poetry are taken as pure skill (subject) to learn. We rarely give importance to senses. Anitha did some senses activities for us to experience ‘senses’.

With ten words we made few poems – football, skating, chilly, fish, Spanish and happy, guilty, selfish, tired. The occasion also led to creating on the spot poetry on clock when someone said “its 12:35, how much more time do we have?”

When my mind is tired
It says goodbye
Wants to shut down
And feel empty
Floats like a fish in the endless water
With every bubble
Release my guilt
And let the waves wash away my sins.

The Clock
Tic toc tic toc
Clock yells the time
Sends me reminders of
The tasks that are mine

The hands of the clock
Hold me tight
Tell me what I should do
What is now right

The clock sets the pace
Rhythm and the structure
If I don’t follow it
My plan gets a fracture.

I am a selfish fish
Who speaks Spanish with happiness
I eat a chilly
A man ,like a hat
Carried a long bat
Loved his fat cat
And smiled like a rat.

I was feeling guilty
Eating a chilly next to my fish
I know I am selfish
But I said
I am guilty eating a chilly.
When the clock tick tocks
I take my flock
And enjoy my frock.