Knowing self

Last week we worked on self intelligence as part of weekly objective. Some of the kids took goal as “dreams beliefs” and the objective was to “know self”.

It was a difficult topic, with kids it flew smoothly – there we lot of discussions, expressions, explorations. Kids read books on dreams, took interview of people on “why you get that dream?”, listen to other people about beliefs, examined self beliefs by making ladder of inference, various presentations and articles to explore beliefs, made our own good/ bad touch to connect with our own self before others tells me this is good and bad touch, .listen to the songs to know where the body parts comes and what is our feeling on those body parts when we listen to the song.

We took one belief and explored on ladder of reference and realized what happens when I make my images “I am responsible” and what happens when one says “you are not responsible? One of the children expressed “this is horrible!!! How can I have no beliefs or image about myself”?

As a part of session design I “criticized” all the kids in the sports and later we reflected on “what happens when someone criticised”. The activity was to know response of self, not to correct any behaviour.

Coincidently at Amable/GK I have been agitated for many reasons – today I did not spare anyone in GK – either I was crying or screaming at others.

I was agitated, I took all my frustration of many months/years and it ended up with extremely agitated Friday team meet. At the end I was at peace – to share my agitation in a safe space, where people listened, accepted…………..the journey was beautiful, This was one of best Friday to know self.

Kids from the session speak

  • By knowing my beliefs I am able to understand my behaviour. When I am criticized I feel bad about myself. Many times I criticize others and find fault in them when I feel down about myself and want to show myself up. I sometimes compare myself with others. At times I think I am better then others .I had set a challenging goal for this week to explore my beliefs but on Thursday I did not want to do my goal and did not feel interested so I did not do it. I felt lazy and whiled away my time. I did not communicate this clearly and this caused confusion. I don’t accept myself for my faults and I feel bad about myself.
  • I know my responses and reaction to people when criticized or praised for some thing. I know my dreams and famous peoples dream and what problems they had to face to achieve their dream. I can be aware about myself and know my need behind doing something. I was aware of my reaction to people when my peers came to help. Sometimes I plan and not share, so it creates confusion about me and my intensions.
  • When I am crying, sometimes I listen and sometimes I want and want. Sometimes I express, sometimes. I am happy that I did work. Sometimes when I want to work I work on interesting things like clean toilet and wash vessels. Sometimes I work because I like to do work. When I took interview to know about myself I came to know that lot of things which I about myself are false – Like my friends think I am nice sometimes, sometimes I am not, Sometimes I get angry, sometimes I not. My friends tell me that “I will understand you”. I will also listen to them and know their needs.
  • I need people to listen to me – when they do not listen, I ask them, I threaten them, I request. I also agree to other options. I learnt that when I listen to some music, tunes, I get little peace. When I need help in understanding things which I do not know, I understand by asking.