Knowing life around us


Mr. Sarvanan, a certified snake rescuer shared his understanding of snakes. The topic itself has the huge number of questions.

Can dry bite kill you? How do you identify the dry bite? Do they coil you when you rescue them? What all colors of a snake? Does the venom get over? Do they have unlimited venom? Where do they like to live? Do they live in homes? When the venom is over, is it an end of life? What is snakes lifespan? Does the venom come like our saliva? If the fang is hollow, cannot break? How are venom and blood are differently kept in the snake body? Why do they take tongue out? How big are they? Is it bad to have mixed anti-venom medicine (serum)? How will they get to know which snake has bitten? Can recover or will recover? In serum do they only mix venom? Is there any bird snake? Can you touch the snake? Do we have anti-venom for cats and dogs? Have you been bitten by a snake?

He shared about Venomous and Nonvenomous snakes, their characteristics, their habitats and our roles. He further shared his own journey and working with snakes. He patiently answered all the curious questions.

He once again emphasized on the process of first -aid

First aid – Do it RIGHT -R- Reassure,I – immobilize,GH – Get to hospital immediately,T – tell the symptoms.

His talk and preventive measures reassured us of our codes to live in harmony -Use torch at night,Walk sturdy footwear and torch,Walk with heavy step,Carry a stick,Keep checking the ground,Keep animal feed away from house,Don’t sleep on the ground,Keep.plsnts away from doors and windows.

Live demo with snakes was scary, exciting, enriching as well connecting. Thank you, Mr. Sarvanan for sharing and spending time with us.