Know kids through their reflection

Most of the time I am amazed with what kids share about themselves. It is also an opportunity for me to know how different kids work. After every reflection, I know more about kids. Here is what some of them shared………….

  • Its very happy moment when I achieve what I wanted in just a one week, while I did not plan that I could achieve in one week. In Garba, trying, dashing and doing wrong steps, all were fun because I was clear. While making natural color, when something was going wrong, I was feeling sad, but I kept trying and I did not stop and worry. Finally I conclude that it was a conclusive week. That’s it.
  • I am satisfied in gardening only when I finish how much I had planned to do. I like to go to next work only when I finish this much work.
  • Whenever I am interested in some work, I do and try and enjoy in many different ways. I do the same thing but I go with different goals.
  • I realized that 90% of my interactions are verbal. I also saw that many times I interact for fun, I don’t always interact for a need. I am either comfortable or uncomfortable while interacting with others. I experience different feeling while interacting. I am more comfortable to interact with known people.