Know and No

While planning for Grandparents day children thought of sharing about Aarohi with their grandparents.
One child shared we can share about KNOW Aarohi. Another child was why do we need to say NO Aarohi. Many of us were ;looking at the child saying o Aarohi.
Few shared before Manthan when we shared about KNOW Aarohi at Home we were wondering what and why we need NO Aarohi.
We began our exploration of KNOW and NO and how do we differentiate.
One child said-
We will see how the word is used, does the sentence require know or no.
We can write the words and see if it is know or no
We can ask the person if they are saying with K or no K
We can say K now when we want to clarify.
We can read and see where all and how all KNOW is used.
Enjoying the exploration of K,now and No.