Knitting and learning styles

Few kids wanted to learn knitting. It was fun to see how each one was learning in different style. One wanted to observe how am I doing, One came and asked me to tell different steps verbally. One wanted to first understand it logically – how loops are made, what is the role of thread and needles and how knitting happens? One child took video of the whole demonstration and watched it many times. Every time each child came up with a different style – by the end of the day, I was absolutely quiet, because I wanted to first understand their learning style and then convert my explaining in their style. I know the technique of knitting, but still I had to learn to explain that in many styles. It was fun. Each one asking question in their own styles. I had to first think before explaining, else my explanation was going waste.

One child made this his dream “to be able to knit”, one wanted to know how did I mastered and concluded “practice”. One said “Its very happy moment when I achieve what I wanted in just a one week, while I did not plan that I could achieve in one week”. Another expressed “When I do something, I interact with that work and that’s where I get experience”.

We had only two sets of needles at campus, and four kids wanted to learn knitting. One of them came up with an idea of using broom sticks and wires. I remembered in childhood, I too used them, but had forgotten to be resourceful :). Soon we had all kinds of needles and there was no scarcity of knitting needles.