Karral Aarohi – Self goals.


We introduced Welcome with Sunshine song from 9.30 to 10.00. Fewl liked to dance, few did not want to dance. They were comfortably uncomfortable to dance. Laughing, Dancing,Shying, Singing.

Children were introduced to think and plan their own activity. Twochildren opted to learn English, one child for painting, another child for Science.

Child opted for painting – made designs in his book for some time.. He thought and thought came with the list of materials. We collected all the material and planned codes to use the material. The child continued to do painting even though his friends were playing in cycle during snacks time. Child went to play Cycle only after completion of painting .

Child opted forSand Timer: One child wanted to do sand timer using bottles. He drilled the hole and filled sand. He found that the sand was bigger. Again he made bigger hole. He tried again the child felt that the sand was still bigger and he got frustrated. Aunty expressed that he can take his friends help. One child was ready to help. He helped to take finer sand by separating the bigger ones in hand. He expressed it’s not possible to separate n hand and he needs a tool to separate. Then we used flour filter to get the fine sand. The chld was happy to get finer sand. But still the flow was not continuous, again he increased the hole. He chose a cap with bigger hole. He tried to find how much time is needed to empty the bottle sand ? He figured that it needs 2 minutes. He was continuously working on figuring the hole size and finally got a bigger hole cap to make the flow continuously. Child expressed oh finally I am done. He did multiple times and observed how the sand flew down from 1 bottle to another.

One child started learning English using book. He then used alphabet mat to make difficult words. He also used computer for typing difficult words.

One child wanted to read about plants. He got books about plants but was unable to understand. So he took another smaller book which had pictures about science experiment and expressed his wish to do the experiment. He planned and wrote what all he needs materials.

All children together expressed wish to repair the cycle seat. We made codes to use cycle .They made the codes but did not follow. They did not check air and tried to ride cycle.Finally we discussed again and filled air in the cycle.