Karral Aarohi – Campus


One of the learning resource at Aarohi is the environment itself. Kids in Karral Aarohi have been exploring solar system, water system, kitchen garden, swings, etc as learning tools in different session. Initially it begins with touching, asking, ‘what is this’? In next session we convert the curiosity in learning experience

During one of the session, children were more curious about the solar lights. They expressed they use oil lamps for lights, also solar lights gifted by Aarohi were being used as source of light. Few expressed they have power also. Kids went for a ‘solar tour’. Next week they agin wanted the tour.

We threw few materials in water like sand, chalk, thread, plastic, seeds and observed. We talked about where does water come from and how do we use water. Children responded water used for bathing,drinking, washing clothes , washing vessels, house. In snacks time we shared and thought about which all foods can be done without water and then we all took a tour to Aarohi water system – where the water comes from and how it is being recycled. We saw reeds and they expressed that as gum plant. Later we visited Kitchen garden.

Sometimes visiting guest become resource for us. In one of the session we met Vishal uncle at campus. We were curious to observe tunes of water by making sound from wine glass. Experiment on candle (when it ws covered with bottle – the flame went off and magically water came up. Children gave explanation for this, “Due to air, due to heat, vapor forms and candle switches off.

We also expored different size flutes with straws. Everyone started making, blowing, and engoying sounds.

At O-campus we begin with a thought “can a campus teach?” As the campus is developing we can see how it is creating learning experiences each day for us.