Karral Aarohi – Books


We explored library in Karral Aarohi – this was kids first visit to library in Aarohi – We played a game to know what all categories and what all kinds of books we have in this library – after this all connected with books in their own way- One child was interested in reading books. One child explored many books until she got the one she was looking for. One child was doing yoga looking at yoga book. One child was reading English number book. One child was reading car book and other was reading animal book. All of us met together and read a story book. Few shared they need Tamil books.

I was listening to their stories about books and what they were reading. Some wanted to share what they are reading, some wanted to read by self. Some asked for Tamil books, while some read English stories. One started reading the man made machines book. Another Explored Music making book and shared he had already experimented one or two experiments on musical instruments that are in the book while another one looked many shelves to find book of her choice….

During reflection children made a handbook of thoughts and drawing about the day. Children wrote about what they liked in the story, and journey of library.