KAA Preprations


Blog by Ally and Spidey

Two days before our outstation trip. all were busy working on KAA, We divided ourselves into 6 teams:Food, Safety, Travel & stay, accounts, resources, and communication.

  1. The food team was taking care of our food needs,
  2. the safety team was taking care of our safety, hygiene, and security,
  3. Travel Team was taking care of our stay, travel, and schedule,
  4. The Resource team was taking care of our resources, ID cards, and first aid.
  5. Accounts team was taking care of expenses and taking calculations.
  6. Communication team was taking care of communicating with parents and writing blogs.

We all started working on Monday afternoon and lot of teams got straight to work, some teams were chit-chatting, Some teams getting clarity, some teams discussing, we all got to work and decided that we were going to have policies for each team and we were going to make a presentation on google slides.This also would improve our presenting skills.Everyone was running around the place doing their work, giving suggestions and taking feedback.All laptops were booked by all the teams.

A lot of Research and notes were taken.Most of the laptops had Google maps, Wikipedia pages, Excel sheets, google drives and presentations open on their screens.

After all work was done, everyone shared their presentations with all the other teams. Teams gave feedback and suggestions. We all presented our policies.

During “Brain Jam”, we shared information about the area and our thoughts on how we were working.

We all are eagerly waiting for KAA. Some of the new kids like me (Ally) are eagerly waiting to get and see their new ID cards. All the teams separately had their own discussions and were very concentrated on their work. There was confusion here and there, but soon got sorted out with all the research. There were many doubts and lots of questions made… some doubts still not sorted.

Blogging team’s experience while working –

there was no clarity of work at first, everything was being spoonfed.There was some chit-chatting going on here and there and very less effort to think put into our work. Most of the time, our work was done depending on other team’s information. Which meant, we had to also follow-up. That way, we needed to match the pace of the other teams too. After taking feedback by other teams and individuals, we got some idea of what to do and how to work. We completed our presentation and went back to our homes. The next day we started working online and coordinated with each other well. We also completed most of the work. We observed that we were working MUCH more efficiently when we were not physically working together.

Blogging/communication team’s individual thoughts

Ally’s thoughts- At first i wasn’t paying much attention and did not have any clarity about what i should do. I kept asking a lot of questions to Spidey. I wasted most of my time trying to find out what i was supposed to do. After taking feedback from other people i could get some information and clarity on my work. After going back home i coordinated with Spidey and could finish a lot of work with him. I enjoyed working like this.. And i think We did an awesome job with teamwork. Working online also makes me feel grown up.. And added to that i learnt many things along the way. This is going to be my first time ever going to KAA, and also the first team i’ve been in for Kaa. This is all very new to me… But i’m getting used to it and like it aswell.

Spidey’s thoughts- it was a new experience for me as i have not been part of any other teams other than food, resource. And it was also a new experience working/mentoring with a new child (Ally). And in our part of the work, most of thinking was done by the facilitator and the communication part was typed out. We had to think what all is left to add. But most of the time went to chit-chat and wasting away time. Ally’s frequent questioning helped have clarity on my own work.We got the feedback from the facilitator and once we got home, we started working.

We got a lot of work done and this blog was also typed at home. Overall, i think we did a great job when not sitting together and working physically.

Our experience rate : at campus- 4/10 at home – 8/10