KAA – Kelmangalam – History of town

When we designed KAA, we were excited. When we began the preparation, we were excited, a day before, we were apprehensive “will five days be too much? Will we be able to trace the town without any historical records available?…..”. First planning meet on day first diluted all the apprehensions. Kids were clear what they have come for and how they are excited to explore history beyond kings and forts.

We began the day at 7am. Went for a trip around lake, walked in the streets of town and discovered the flavor of house designs, mud construction, stink of lake and explored town beyond one main street.

Day 2 was visit to temple, railway station and meet the potter. Kids were surprise that still one makes pots with hand wheel and not with electricity. They were also concern that the next generation has not learn this art and it will die soon. Pankaj, joined us for book reading and shared a new perspective on history – how history gets affected and what is history of geography.

Day 3 was mix of excitement and disappointment – some people were ready to share information, some were not. The apprehension raised were “why do you want this information? What will you do with this?”. Day ended with “what makes us or someone else be suspicious to share the information?” Kids shared their own thought on why they do not like to share.

Day 4 Today was the day to know “what does proof means?” How do I believe what they are saying is right? What is the proof? How do I find information (fact) as a historian?

Day 5 – What all did you have when you were a child, asking all ages of people – 30 yrs, 6o yrs and so on. Wondering the town do not have any fort, any king, any war…………any of those typical historical events.

Meanwhile the videos of “Bharat ek Khoj and Chanakya” added the flavor of history in ancient age.